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We understand that the rising cost of course materials is a concern shared by many Potsdam students, and we hope that the following information will clear up any misconceptions about The College Store’s role in determining book prices.

This website is designed to serve as an educational tool for students and faculty. The content is focused on providing a greater understanding about how textbooks are bought, sold, and sourced at The College Store.

The links below contain information about the textbook marketplace, SUNY Potsdam textbook policies, the process at The College Store, buying tips, and recent news and reminders regarding textbooks on campus. These specific links will help you to understand the different factors that affect textbook costs.

Economics - Supply and Demand of the Textbook Marketplace – Describes the basic system that influences textbook distribution

Textbook Process at The College Store – How books are ordered, sourced, and distributed at the bookstore

SUNY Potsdam Official Textbook Policy – Rules and regulations that affect the textbook process on campus

Textbook Buying Tips- How to Save Money – Helpful strategies for coping with high costs

Recent News and Reminders – Updates about the current textbook process on campus, and important information for faculty and students

Ordering Online and Comparing Prices – Course material costs are displayed on August 1st and 2 weeks before the start of the Spring Semester. Our online ordering system will show you which titles are required, recommended, or suggested for each course. You can then choose what course materials to buy and in what format you would prefer – new, used, rental, and e-book.

How to Get Money Back for Textbooks – Tax credit is available for course materials, and the bookstore also buys back some titles. There is a link below that describes the tax credit, along with a link to a video about how a buyback program benefits campuses and students. This buyback model (from Chico State University) and its value is the same across independent college retailers, such as The College Store.

Tax Credits for Textbook Purchases

“What is Buyback?” Video from Chico State University

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Edited by: Matt Pavilaitis