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There are lots of opinions about textbooks, their cost, their value, and their accessibility. This website is designed to serve as an educational tool to provide greater understanding and transparency about how textbooks are bought, sold and sourced at The College Store.

Although, on an annual basis, college students spend 40 percent more for their cellular telephone service than for textbooks, students still believe that textbooks cost too much money.

Please use the links to teach yourself about the economics, the marketplace and the textbook process on campus. This will help you to understand the factors and processes that influence the cost of textbooks.

Economics - Supply and Demand of the Textbook Marketplace

Textbook Process at The College Store

SUNY Potsdam Official Textbook Policy

Textbook Buying Tips- How to Save $$$

Online Ordering System and Comparison Tool

Federal Law requires that course materials be listed online when students become eligible to register for classes. This means stores must list costs as of that date often 3 - 6 months in advance. Actual costs are displayed on August 1 and 2 weeks prior to the start of the Spring Semester. Our online ordering system will show you which titles are required, recommended or suggested for courses. Choose what you want to buy and in which format you would prefer - new, used, rental, and e-book.

Getting Something Back From your Textbooks

Learning and putting that information into practice is one of the best returns on your textbook investment. There are others too- a tax credit for the purchase of your books and the ability to sell them back to the bookstore for cash.  Watch the YouTube video from Chico State University to see how buyback benefits the campus and students. This  buyback model and its value is the same across independent college retailers, such as The College Store.

Tax Credits for Textbook Purchases

What is Buyback Video from CSU Chico State

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